* Downsizing *

Initial piercings must have jewelry that is large enough to accommodate swelling, normal blood circulation and draining of fluids which is vital to a piercing’s health and success.  
After swelling has fully subsided (typically about 4-6 weeks), it is recommended for piercees to come back in to the shop and have jewelry ‘downsized’.  This must be done using sterile implements / jewelry and aseptic technique, as the piercing is still healing.  
Downsizing is important, because (depending on the piercing site) jewelry that is unnecessarily long / wide can cause problems too – being easier to bump, catch or toggle which could irritate the piercing and prolong healing.  
Certain piercings do not require downsizing, such as:  surface piercings (including navel piercings), earlobe and some ear cartilage.
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