Professional Grade Jewelry (Left 2 images = Safe):
This jewelry meets all criteria established by the Association of Professional Piercers for jewelry for initial piercings. Materials will have ASTM (typically ASTM F-136 / F-138) or ISO ratings that are medically proven to be bio-compatible. Each piece is hand polished to a mirror finish, making the surface impeccably smooth (and shiny!). Quality jewelry is designed for the ultimate welfare of your piercing, resulting in shorter healing time and avoidance of unnecessary risks associated with poor quality jewelry.
All threaded ends are INTERNALLY THREADED:
Threads are hidden inside the post, never exposed to skin.

Poor Quality Jewelry (Right 2 images = Risky) :
Is mass-produced rubbish
Unfortunately, the vast majority of body jewelry on the market today is poorly manufactured rubbish from overseas, with a wholesale price of pennies per piece.
Hosts false claims of “implant-grade”
All too often, both suppliers and resellers of this jewelry (which includes many tattoo and piercing shops) will make claim that their jewelry is “implant grade”.  Most of these claims are entirely false (it is easier to blame the jewelry companies rather than shops, since the companies are the ones making the bogus claims to begin with).  If a studio or vendor cannot provide mill certificates associated with their jewelry which demonstrate the use of materials with medically-approved ASTM or ISO ratings correlating with true implant-grade materials, one can be certain that their claim of “implant-grade” is bogus.
Note:  “316 LVM” is NOT a true implant-grade ASTM or ISO rating!
Threads are on the outer surface of the post and screw into the ball.
These threads must pass though the skin,
and can cause trauma to the tissue, damaging it.
Essentially, this is a serrated piece of jewelry, which is
(needless to say) uncomfortable and may lead to scarring and increased healing times.

Has inferior finish. Surface finish that lacks a high polish will have texture that can irritate the piercing and/or harbor bacteria.
Is poorly machined and may have any number of defects including:  burrs, blemishes, flat parts or dimples on the wearing surface and miss-matched or poor-fitting threading.

Your new piercing deserves the best.
Paolo only uses APP-Approved jewelry for initial piercings.

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