Regarding scarification:  
The intentionally made scar as body art is traditional for some cultures, but not western civilization.  Thus it is (non) traditional.  Note, that although a picture of my scar work is shared here, this is not a service of mine currently being offered to the public.  
Regarding large gauge piercings:  
Unlike earlobes, lips and other fleshy parts of the body, cartilage tissue is relatively hard and does not typically lend itself as well to stretching for the purpose of inserting large diameter jewelry.  Several decades ago, modern body piercers discovered that a medical device called a biopsy punch (essentially an O-shaped scalpel) could be used to ‘core’ out circles of cartilage in either ear or nostril.  ‘Punched’ ear cartilage piercings – as they are called – heal faster and with fewer complications than those pierced with a needle, which do not remove any tissue. The removal of tissue relieves pressure that is otherwise exerted on cartilage by the minor stretching required by from regular (beveled) piercing needles which cut only a half-circle and stretch up to the full size of the needle...  In recent years, an innovative piercing implement called the O-needle has been developed in smaller sizes which are styled after the biopsy punch.  Additionally, punched cartilage is easier to stretch than that which has been pierced by a standard beveled needle.
Aided by modern tools and jewelry, it is possible for humans to have piercings in our time which were not feasible to traditional indigenous practices of piercing.  And those body modifications which are traditional have seen evolution in their physical practice through the advancement of technology and western interest in their practice.
But what of the symbolism and meaning?
Symbolism and meaning - typographically translated -
may ebulliently become
Symbolism and meaning

Ahh, sweet obscurity.  
Thrills of discovery.
Codex of DNA
(re) Writing evolution.
Amalgamating ritual’s essence
with today’s technocracy
or else “devolving”
visual communism.
Modification of body as a hallmark of humanity.
Modification of consciousness likewise.
(Un) self-ish?  
Nay, just Self.
Inevitable evolution...
Expansive expression of Self,
beyond human embodiment,

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