Surface piercings can be fickle things,
the anchor-type typically more-so than the barbell-type which have greater stability and longevity.
The viability of these piercing are greatly improved with good placement, technique and jewelry.
Areas that surface piercings tend do better in are the face, chest (esp. sternum) and back of neck (nape).
This is because other areas, such as the hands and wrist, back and hip tend to come into contact with objects more frequently, which can aggravate the piercing.

Surface Anchors… Surface Barbells
What’s the difference?

Surface Anchors (also known by many other names) are ‘single-point piercings’.  They do not have an ‘exit point’, so the needle and jewelry only go in one side of your skin, but not out another.  This means one can wear a single gem or disk end on the surface of their skin or have an odd # of them (i.e. 3!).  
Surface anchors should ultimately be viewed as non-permanent piercings.  Well-cared-for, this type of piercing can last for many years, but there will come a day when it is time for the jewelry to come out.  Even with everything going for it (good placement, jewelry, etc) this type of piercing can go in and out of healing throughout its life, requiring special attention and continued aftercare.

^ Surface Anchor diagram ^

. . . . . . . .
Surface Barbells (in contrast to anchors) do have an entry and exit point to the piercing.  Surface barbells have better viability as a long-term piercing than surface anchors.  

^ Surface Anchor diagram ^

The absolute best surface anchors and barbells available today are designed and produced by Anatometal.
They are manufactured from solid ASTM F-136 certified implant grade titanium, the only medically approved bio-compatible titanium.

Anatometal Jewelry - Surface Anchors

Anatometal Surface Anchors are available from 18ga to 8ga in a complete range of rise lengths to suite any anatomy.

Anatometal Jewelry - Surface Barbell

Anatometal Surface Barbells are available from 16ga to 10ga in lengths up to 2” and feature .020 inch thick bars which can be easily bent to fit contours.  This allows for maximum surface tissue above the jewelry, which makes the flat design optimal for quick healing time and greatly reduces the chance of rejection. These barbells are designed for a lifetime of wear.

Either type of jewelry can host the many beautiful high quality threaded end options from Anatometal (including 18k gold and genuine stones) which can be special-ordered.  Anatometal Bezel Set Gem Ends are hand-set and guaranteed for life.

* Text and photos of Anatometal Surface Anchors & Barbells, courtesy of Anatometal Inc. *
* Other text and photos are copyright Piercing by Paolo, 2019 *
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